Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Born Day 20 Dicember

Salam sejahtera..
Salam 1 blogger..
Salam 1 malaysia....

My Story today is about my birthday
i'm not celebrate too much because i dont like cake.
I like to eat anything except cake.
i just celebrate in "The Chicken Rice Shop"
with my friends Kak Aini..
i very close with her that why she spend time with me..
i miss her so much..
Like my other friend Shima.. 

i just order 'Double Delight'
  • Nyonya Pai Tee (Regualar)
  • Personal Portion of Chicken** Choice of Steamed, Roast or Soy Sauce
  • Prime Honey BBQ Chicken
  • Ipoh Bean Sprouts (Regular)
  • Sai To Fish Balls (Regular) or Tofu with Oyster Sauce
  • Two bowls of Chicken Rice
  • Soup of the Day
  • 12oz Soft Drink (Two)
  • Addition order: chicken rice & Hainanise Curry Chicken

too much food
but the drink only 2 glass???

But seriously its enough..
my stomach so full when enjoy this food..
And to those wish my birthday..
Thank you..LOve you all..

Bye the way..
Happy birthday to me..

For my entry, next time i write again..
Thank you for read my blog..

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