Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don' Worry Try Again

i dont know how to say
i just trying my best
to satisfy all people
especially for my parents..

what i'm gonna do??
i don't know

my result last semester was coming out
and the result make me 'terkezut'
like 'dilema'..

My friends said..
Don't worry try again..
Maybe that one is 'ayat sedap'

That one call degree student..
not too easy and not too hard
be moderate..

but how???
i was trying my best dear.......

For my first Semester
i can get only pointer 3.04
do u think my subject is easier to score??
i think yes...
but why i can get more 'B-' in my result?
how come???

it's true?
i  think have something wrong here

oh...come on...
don't blame anyone...
that is your afford Fiqkah.
confident with your self the way..
i need to more learning and get more understand with all subject..

ok lovely blogger..
i need to stop here
and increase my english skill
 so...good bye..

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