About Me

Arfiqkah Binti Sudin. Name given by my parents which is mean 'servants of Allah that most gracious and most knowledgeable'. I was born on 20/12/1990 at Serian, Sarawak. Serian is the small town in long time ago and now it was be a district town in Sarawak. I have 6 siblings and i'm the second youngest.

I love blog. I love to blogging my story to my blog entry because in our life we can share any story, experiences, feeling, knowledge, sport, travelling, recipe, food and many others thing that can make people love to read our blog. Actually this blog was made on August 2010.

I'm a student that currently study in Kuala Lumpur. Life in peninsular Malaysia actually was make me to full fill my time with my blog. Through this blog also was created to write my activities with my friends especially with my housemate. Even you was saw the contents of this blog, it more to story about the life of a student.

My ambition is wan to be a Police and my dream is want to be a businesswomen. I hope one day, i will take the opportunities from my education to be a useful girl in the community.